Top 10 Dried Rice and Other Dried Grains Recipes

If you're tired of plain rice and other dried grains, we've got a treat for you. There are all kinds of foodie-approved options for using this pantry staple, many of which can be cooked in your trusty Instant Pot or Pressure Cooker. Best of all, you can almost always swap one grain out for another, so no matter what you've got stocked in your cabinet, you're just a few minutes away from a tasty side, dinner, or dessert dish. Here are our favorite easy dried rice and other grains recipes and the details about this flexible (and delicious!) pantry essential.

What is dried rice?

Rice is a seed from Oryza sativa and Oryza glaberrima grass species. Rice fields are kept very wet (and sometimes, even flooded) in order to grow it. When it's harvested, rice is dried so it can be packaged and shipped. Preparing rice, of course, often entails rehydrating it by boiling or soaking it.

What are the varieties of dried rice?

Dried rice comes in several varieties, and all of them are delicious! If you want to make rice a regular part of your menu, stock up on one or more of these varieties:


What are other dried grains I can cook with besides dried rice?

Rice is a great item to have on hand for recipes that are both savory and sweet. If you don't like rice or simply want to switch up the dried grains you use in your culinary creations, these dried grains are great alternatives:

QuinoaBulgurWheat berry
BuckwheatTeffCauliflower rice

What is the shelf life for dried rice and other dried grains?

The shelf life of rice and other dried grains depends on the variety and the brand you buy as well as how you store it. Be sure to keep it in a dry and cool place (your pantry is perfect) and reseal the packaging between uses. In general, white rice lasts 4 to 5 years after its sell-by date, while other varieties of rice and dried grains last 6 to 8 months after the sell-by date. Once cooked, rice and grain products will last in the refrigerator between 4 days and 1 week.

Dried Rice and Other Dried Grains Recipes

Wow your friends, your family members, and yourself with these easy dried rice and other dried grains recipes. Keep in mind that you can use your favorite grain in just about all of these dishes, no matter what the ingredients list calls for.

Spanish Rice: If you're new to making rice a star side dish at dinner, start with this chef favorite.Vegetable Couscous: Simple but filling, you can swap out fresh or frozen veggies for canned vegetables.
Summer Squash + Zucchini Quinoa Salad with Toasted Pine Nuts: This fresh, textured take on salad will have you dreaming of sun-filled backyard barbecues all year long.Quinoa Black Bean Tacos with Creamy Avocado Sauce: Give taco night a vegan spin with this hearty and surprisingly-filling meal.
Wild Rice Salad: The ingredients may look like they won't work well together, but trust us -- they'll make your taste buds sing.Fried Rice: For a healthier (and frankly, tastier) take on this takeout favorite, put this dish on tonight's dinner menu.
Chicken Spinach Artichoke Rice Casserole: Equal parts creamy and savory, this is an easy way to trick picky eaters into eating their greens.Black Beans with Bell Peppers & Rice: Yellow, orange, and red peppers and Mexican cheese take black beans and rice to a whole new level.
Fluffy Rice Pilaf with Curry: If you've never experienced the bold taste of curry, it's time to introduce your taste buds via this delicious dish.Easy Parmesan Risotto: Risotto can be an intimidating dish to make even for seasoned cooks, but this recipe makes it a simple meal for every level of chef.

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