About Us

We are fanatics of all things food. Foodies Today was created for our fellow enthusiasts to find the best products for indulging their palate and culinary creativity.

How do we do it?

We round up the most trusted reviews on the internet for food-related gadgets, whether they help you prep it, cook it, serve it, or eat it. We then rank our top picks according to the number of times they appear, where they land on each list, and their star rating and price. All of these considerations help us determine the absolute top-rated items on the market at a variety of price points, so no matter your budget, you’ll find the perfect gear for your passion.

Our ranking system is based on:

  • Expert Opinion: We reference the most authoritative ranked lists on the internet. The more times an item appears between the lists and the higher it appears on each, the better its overall standing. Our rankings only include products that pass our Expert Opinion metric.
  • Best Value: Products with price points under the market average that have ample user reviews and high star ratings on Amazon get a boost in our rankings.
  • Crowd Favorite: Rave reviews from experts and users as well as star ratings are king here. The more fans gush about a product regardless of its budget, the higher it ranks as a Crowd Favorite.

Together, all of these factors helped us develop an algorithm that provides the ultimate list of top-ranked culinary gear for foodies everywhere.

How is Foodies Today supported?

Foodies Today is a proud participant of Amazon’s Affiliate Program. We receive a small commission any time a purchase is made via a product link on our site. This way, we can provide you with the ultimate must-have products in every culinary category at no cost to you.

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