A Guide to Stress-free Holiday Entertaining

Hosting friends and family for the holidays should be fun. Unfortunately, many of us lose sight of having a good time because we get too busy worrying about making everything perfect. If you'd like to put some more joy back into your holiday season, this guide to stress-free holiday entertaining can help.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead and scheduling as much as you can help you stay on track during the preparation period and on the day of the party. Knowing what details you need to take care of and when you need to address them will keep you from feeling overwhelmed throughout the process.

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Don't Attempt to be Martha Stewart

If you aren't crafty, and if you aren't the world's best cook, give yourself a break when it comes to decorating and cooking. Make simple DIY crafts to stay within your budget or buy inexpensive ready-made ones, and stick to easy recipes you can make ahead of time or slow-cooker meals.

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Make Your Home Comfortable

If you're filling your home with lots of guests and holiday decor, things can quickly go from cozy to cramped. Getting clever with rearranging a few key pieces of furniture and how you decorate will help the space feel more inviting and help you feel more at ease.

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Design a Budget

One of the best ways to limit your stress when it comes to party planning is making a budget you can adhere to. As you shop for your party, don't underestimate the power of online deals either. There are plenty of ways to feed your guests and decorate your home without spending a fortune. 

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Be Kind to Yourself

Even when you're well-organized, holiday hosting is stressful. Take breaks when you need them to allow yourself to reset via some self-care.

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The holidays certainly can be stressful, but if you go into the season knowing that hiccups will occur and that it will be OK when they do, you will enjoy them so much more. Plan your time wisely, don't worry about being perfect, and take some downtime when you need it so you can savor every moment.

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