20 Easy Brunch Recipes for Selective Eaters

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Hosting brunch has never been more fun—or more complicated. Food allergies have become more and more frequent, making a homemade brunch for guests a bit more challenging to tackle. While many delicious recipes can go easy on the dairy, gluten, carbs and meat, some of them can keep you in the kitchen all day.

Celebrating brunch with loved ones has become a regular weekend event. When going out to brunch at a restaurant isn’t an option, hosting one at home can be an easy way to reconnect. By trying out some of these easy and healthy alternatives to classic brunch dishes, cooking can become less stressful, and you'll satisfy everyone's taste buds.

Vegan Brunch Recipes

Dairy-Free Brunch Recipes

Gluten-Free Brunch Recipes

Keto Brunch Recipes

From crepes to casseroles, these sweet & savory brunch recipes are perfect for hosting friends and family with a variety of dietary needs. The best part is you don't have to sacrifice flavor—and you don’t have to spend all morning in the kitchen. Wow their palates with these delectable brunch dishes.